Ruichang Gaofeng, PRC.

Geological Settings

RCGF mine is located in the confluction of the Yangtze platform, western Qiantang River col and the Ruichang-Jiujiang fracture zone.  The orebody underlain in the area of Dazhi-Jiujiang iron-copper-gold mine vein along the midstream to downstream of Yangtze River, which constitutes to the part of Ruichang-Jiujiang copper-gold deposit.


Preliminary exploration works that the mine property consists six orebodies which generally strike NW-SE and plunge towards SW 160°-190° with plunge angles of 20°-65°. The commonly developed rocks are gray-brownish red in color, thin - mid thick quartzitic gravelstone, quartzitic sandstone and siltstone strata.

The mine deposit can be divided into three parts: (A) graveled limonite, (B) auriferous loam and (C) the primary mineral.

(A) The upper layer is graveled limonite, which appears as a red stain against the background rock and soil due to the abundance of oxidized iron.  Reports reveal 36% of the mineral is iron, and the gold is said to be the secondary value mineral held.  The average grading for gold mineral is 3.2575 x 10-6.

(B) The middle layer, namely the auriferous loam, retains quartz and iron oxides underneath the iron cap conjuncts to the primary mineral.  A store of 1.3 x 10-6 gold with 30% of iron has being found in this layer.

(C) Below the iron cap is the lead-carried dull grayish primary mineral.  It is a proven multi-mineral deposit, rich in sulfides (about 40%) and comprehends metal copper-silver-gold.