Ruichang Gaofeng, PRC.


The Ruichang Gaofeng ("RCGF") mine is held by Ruichang Gaofeng Gold Mine Company Limited in the Province of Jiangxi, PRC. Formerly, RCGF mine was operated by a state-owned enterprise, which was established by the Ruichang City Economic Commission in April of 1987. In 2001, due to improper management and lack of capital and resources, production became idled.

The RCGF mine is an open pit multi-mineral deposit situated in a subtropical zone. Hot summers and annual heavy rainfall contribute to it becoming a classical Gossan, also known as an iron cap, which is intensely oxidized, weathered and decomposed rocks lying at the surface with an exposed layer of ore deposit.

RCGF holds up-to-date, valid business operating licenses and mining-related permits including Mining Permit and Production Safety.


Property Location, Accessibility

The mine is an open pit mining property located near the city of Jiujiang in the province of Jiangxi, only 16km away from the southwest corner of Ruichang City.  The mine is situated at a longitude of E115°31'23" to E115°33'14" and latitude of N29°39'08" to N29°40'25". The total mining area is about 0.35 sq. km while the mining depth (height) is 300m. 

The mine is highly accessible. It is 3km away from the district main road, Wushi Street, which leads to the highways of Ruichang, Jiujiang and other cities. It is only 55 minutes driving distance to Jiujiang city and about 2.5 hours to the airport in the city of Nanchang.