Enu Deposit, Indonesia


The Enu deposit is a placer gold mine located at the western part of Central Sulawesi. This concession is 3,760 hectares or approximately 37.6km2.  This property is wholly held by an Indonesia PMA (foreign invested entity) – PT Intradayan Nusantara Energi.  Fareast Vantage Limited, a company established in British Virgin Islands, is the largest shareholder which owns 76% of PT Intradayan Nusantara Energi.


Property Location, Accessibility, Climate and Local Resources

The Enu deposit is situated in a village in the district of Sindue, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia with geography coordinates of E 0°32'03" - E 0°34'50", latitude N 119°48'11" - N 119°53'00".  This concession is 3,760 hectares or approximately 37.6 sq. km.

The property in general has reasonable infrastructure that connect to the main cities by dirt and asphalt roads.  The road network covers 10,814.27 km, comprising of 1,593.00 km state roads, 2,037.06 km provincial roads and 7,184.21 km of local roads adjacent to 9 regencies and cities. There are three airports in Central Sulawesi, Mutiara Airport, Kasiguncu Poso Airport and Bubung Luwuk Banggai Airport.  The nearest one is Mutiara Airport which is only 2.2km away.  Palu also has a deep water port which is within an hour from the property and under 15 minutes from the location of the mill.

The tropical climate here is characterized by hot dry days and cooler nights.  The annual rainfall reaches approximately 1,500 – 2,000mm.  It rains mostly in the monsoon months from October to January with a relatively dry season from June to September.  Temperature level in the hills is between 19.8°C – 22.6°C, while that in the low land is between 34°C – 37°C.  The average range of humidity is about 78 – 83%.

The property is close to Palu City, capital of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.  Situated at the tip of a narrow bay sheltered by mountain ridges, sheltering it from the heavy rainfalls of this region and thus quite a dry place.  Palu's natural wonders attract many tourists and is also a trading city on the western coast of Indonesia.  The main items being traded are cacao, cloves, copra, coconut and resin. The government is also encouraging the development of industries, mining and other potential sectors.

Several towns and cities are located along the western coast of Sulawesi and basic supplies and light machinery are also available.  Moreover, numerous small villages are found next to the cities in the countryside providing more than sufficient local labor to support mining activities.  Electric power grid can be easily extended from the main cities to the inland area, but limited mobile telecommunication service is covered in the deposits’ region.